Wednesday, February 9, 2011

KOSOVO Unibarse Dollegate ON SALE

One-of-a-Kind hand re-painted and stylized Miss Unibarse dollegate representing the Kosovo modeled after Miss Kosovo 2008 Zana Krasniqi who finished 6th place at Miss Universe 2008 to Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela

OAKK Miss Unibarse Doll with National Costume $100+ S/H
Description:  Fully beaded and be-jeweled black cotton velvetan gold fringe bead

OOAK Miss Unibarse Doll with Evening Gown: $100 + S/H
Description:  Fully beaded bodice with muted floral print fish tail

OAKK Miss Unibarse Doll with National Costume and Evening Gown: $ 180 +S/H

Terms and Conditions

* All sales are final. 

* We accept CHECKS and PAYPAL payments.
* Domestic and International mailing rates apply for each doll.
* Shipping and handling rates apply for each doll.

If you are interested in purchasing this OOAK Miss Unibarse dollegate, please email us at:

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